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In our #drmgirls Facebook Group, we recently had a thread asking what made us choose Dr Miroshnik as our surgeon.  I have included the responses below.  I will keep adding to these reviews in he hope that if you are reading this and are still deciding on your surgeon, that you may include a consult with Dr Miroshnik.
In addition to these 'testimonials', I would love to add in any other reviews that you may have of your experience with Dr Miroshnik.  If you would like to contribute to this page, please contact me with your submission.

Amazing revision

Here are some amazing results at 18 weeks PO.

173 cm, 70 kg athletic build

Original surgery 2003 round, silicon gel 380/420 (not Dr Miroshnik)

Dec 17 redo with Dr Miroshnik, anatomical and lift 390/430 Aereola reduction

Post Phone Consult Feels


So I just finished my pre op with Dr M. It was awesome, we are both completely on the same page and I have left feeling 100% confident in my decision and I have no second thoughts. Can't wait for Friday I'll finally have boobies . It's been 9 years of waiting for this day. 

International Patient


I did my research from the UK, the surgeons over there don't even come close to Dr M's results. He is real and honest and is incredible at what he does. Truly a breast master, my incisions are perfect and he knew exactly what I would need from what I asked I wanted. His work is flawless, you can see this just by having a quick flick on his social media platforms - I am over the moon with the results and would travel to Australia all over again in a heartbeat to come specifically to Dr M!



Definitely his reputation, results, he's a perfectionist.... he won't do anything he knows he won't get a great result with. For example I wanted a lift and BA in one surgery and he refused to do it as he knew I wouldn't be happy with the results. My skin is weak around my chest and he suggested the best results for me was to do the lift and wait 8-12months before a BA. Unlike the other surgeons I saw who were all happy to do it in one of my friends happened to use another surgeon because she didn't want to do the procedure in two (she was similar to me with thin skin, she also saw Dr M ), she now regrets not listening to Dr M and her boobs have sagged a lot over the past 12 months. He is simply the best in the industry.



I followed Dr M for many years on social media , then I had to wait again after having another baby , he's very smart , professional , caring , exceptional at what he does !



I haven't had my BA or even my phone consultation yet (interstate), but I have been wanting this for well over four years now! I found Dr M back when I first thought of the idea (never actually thinking it would go further than me day dreaming). I looked at his flawless work consistently across the board. Yes, naturally I looked at other surgeons but I always found myself coming back to him! I want a natural look, despite clearly wanting larger boobs, I didn't really want people knowing it...kinda. I can't wait to know my surgery date and I know I want Dr M to do this!

The Natural Look


I have followed Dr M for years and always dreamt of having him do my surgery but always thought it was just a dream. For me, I would never have gone 'cheap'. Especially with my pre op sagginess. A huge thing for me was a subtle/natural look which in my research Dr M was without a doubt the best at! Over the years I did have consults with other surgeons but it just never felt right. When I bit the Bullet and had a consult with Dr M he was just so so calming and easy to discuss my concerns with. I already felt like his work was the best-his results are consistently amazing! And after my consult I was 100% certain he was the surgeon for me. The process of organising my surgery was also stupidly easy and smooth thanks to his awesome team! Post op, I know I chose the best surgeon for me!



For word. Results. Nobody comes close to Dr M's results, literally no one.

Patient Happiness


I read plastic surgeon forums and followed Dr M. I was specifically looking for who had the best results for BA's and came across a surgeon in Melbourne and Dr M, I then looked up patients and did further research and purely chose Dr M because of his pictures and how happy everyone was with his work, they were far better than any other surgeons work, I then realised his incisions and stitching was also better than anyone else and continued to follow him for about 12 months until I could book in. I had not spoke to him or had a consult. I purely had my heart set on the surgeon.

Minimal Scarring


I chose Dr M specifically for his flawless incisions and minimal scarring, and also because I'm of quite petite frame and am wanting a full but really natural look. I looked at instagram pages of a few other surgeons and didn't think anyone was as good for scarring or the natural look so I booked in with Dr M straight away and my phone consult with him was great! Only 22 days to go for me

Flawless Work


Hi, for me it was his flawless work. I have followed Dr.M for years and always knew he would be the one I would go through. His results said it all for me and after booking the surgery date and talking to his team..I'm more than happy with my decision. I haven't and wouldn't bother looking else where.

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