Let me answer some of the common questions I receive.

One thing I realised pretty quickly when using my Instagram 'blog', most people were asking the same types of questions.  If they had just had surgery with Dr M, they were interested in knowing what I was going through at the same stage they were at.  If they were in research phase, they were asking how I chose the size etc.  So I thought I would document a few of the most frequent questions here, that way if you're looking for a specific answer, you may find it here.

What was it like being an interstate patient?   I would love to go with Dr Miroshnik, I am just worried that it's too far from home.

Dr M and his team make is so easy being a patient from interstate.  The inital consult was booked over the phone, which is what you would do for a local surgeon.  I had email and text message confirmations the whole why through and was welcomed to contact his office for any questions along the way (just like I would with a local surgeon).  I flew to Sydney for my inital consult so that I could meet with him face to face.  Flying from Brisbane to Sydney is super quick and I returned the same day, so there was no other costs involved except for the flight itself.  I flew to Sydney 2 days before my surgery date for my pre op consult with Dr M.  I had my post op with his nurse 3 days after surgery and then flew home the next day.  Since then I have had questions answered immediately over the phone from his nurses as well as email communications answered eright away too.  I had a 3 week phone consult with his nurse and then at 8 weeks a phone consult with Dr M.  The distance really didn't matter in regards to pre and post op care.

I was so impressed with how amazing Dr M and his team were in supporting me as an interstate patient that it has resulted in me establishing my own Company to help support others as they embark on their own surgery experience with Dr Miroshnik.  Please visit Pure You Concierge for more details.  

What size are you?

How big are you?  What ccs are you?  What profile have you got?  All of these questions are valid and so very common.  The short answer is "how long is a piece of string?"  No, really.  There are so many variables that come in to play when talking about size, and keep in mind each surgeon's techniques will play a role too.  So what size I am is going to look completely different on another patient of Dr M's, let alone another surgeon's patient.  Read my 'I Don't Want Big Boobs!' blog to find out how I came to have my implant size and profile.  For the record, I have 390cc Mentor Cohesive III Medium Height, HIgh Profile Anatomic implants that are placed via Dr M's renowned and unique dual plane technique.  (see My internal bra blog; coming soon.)

What did you take with you to Sydney?

No need to over think this.  I will dedicate an entire post to this, but a quick checklist of items for me included;

  • U Pillow

  • Ice packs

  • Super comfy clothes

  • Recovery foods

Refer to my Recovery Checklist Blog for more detail.  You may also wish to purchase one of the Pure You Recovery Packs and have it sent directly to your hotel room, or home.

How much was your surgery?

At the time of my quote in January 2016, the surgery fees for Dr Miroshnik were $10 000.  You also need to factor in the anaesthetist fees and hospital fees as well.  The easiest was to get the most up to date information is to contact his rooms directly.

Is the surgery covered by Medicare or Private Health cover?

Private Health insurers will only cover costs (if your policy allows) where there is a Medicare item number available.  I had a straight forward breast augmentation which did not have any item numbers attached; therefore none of my proceedure was covered.  As of July 2016, if your proceedure includes a breast reduction (which breast lifts can include) then you may be eligible to make some form of claim as there is a Medicare iitem number available for a part of this proceedure.  Contact Medicare to find out more specific information relevant to your case.

Did you have to stay overnight in hospital?

No.  I did not.  My breast augmentation was scheduled for 8.30am and I was back in my hotel by 2.30pm.  If you are having a breast lift (mastopexy), you may need to spend the one night in hospital.  Dr M will confirm this at the time of booking.

Did you get stretchmarks?

My breast augmentation did not invlove any skin stretching as I had a lot of loose skin to begin with.  Dr Mirsoshnik basically just inflated them again.  If you are having an augmentation which will involve skin stretching, stretchmarks may occur.  This is not something that can be predicted  There are a lot of creams you can use both pre and post op that may assist in reducing the risk or at least make your skin feel better during the stretching process.  Palmer's  Cocoa Butter was my go to moisturiser, although anything with vitamin E is sure to be a positive. 

Did you lose sensitivity in your nipples?

I have always had super sensitive nipples.  I was actually hoping that the surgery would lessen the sensitivity a bit.  Wrong.  At around 2 weeks post op my nipples started to burn like crazy.  It was as if they were being stretched from the inside out, if that makes sense.  They burnt like crazy.  The mere fact that they were touching the post op bra was enough to nearly make me ill.  Nothing soothed it.  I had a moisturise regime twice a day and just tried to desensitize them by rubbing cream in to them.  Whether it helped or not, I can't be 100% sure....but the over sensitivity went away around 6 weeks post op.

When did you wear an underwire bra again?

At the time of writing this, I am 11 weeks post op.  I still wear my post op bra basically 24/7.  The only time I am not wearing is when I am at the gym.  Dr M advises that you can wear underwire again around 6-8 weeks.  Just listen to your own body though.  I suggest to trial it slowly.  The first time I tried one (for the gym) I kept it on all day.  It was super comfortable, however I found the next day my boobs were really sore.  Under where the wire sits, it kind of felt like it had been digging in and remained sore for the next couple of days.  I've not tried to wear one again.....yet.

When were you able to exercise again?

Dr Miroshnik will encourage you to commence light walking as soon as you can.  This will assist in your recovery and will keep you mobile....albeit slow.  Any water activities such as swimming can recommence after 6 weeks.  Higher impact cardio can recommence after 6 weeks, but you will want a super supportive sports bra.  Lower impact, but extension type activities such as yoga, pilates or even stretching can recommence after 12 weeks, as can heavy duty sports and weight training.  Do keep in mind that all heavy chest excercise should be avoided post op.  These include bench press, dips and  chest flys as these encourage your pecs to grow and change shape will distort the reasulting breast shape.  (see My internal bra blog; coming soon.)

When can I have sex again?

Sex should be avoided for the first 2 weeks.

When did you start driving?

I drove on day 5, although Dr Miroshnik does ask that you not drive for 7 days.  There is no way I would have been able to drive a manual car though.  The turning was hard enough.  (see my Seatbelts and Roundabouts blog about driving)

What medications were you given?

There are 3 lots of meds that I was sent home with (you can either have the hospital fill your script, or take the script with you).  The 3 medications are Antibiotics, Valium & Panadene Forte.  I was prescribed Endone, which is super strong, but it gives me bad nausea.   You should also have some Panadol or Paracetamol on hand when you get home too.  You'll need to take that every 4-6 hours. 

Did you need to massage your implants?

The implants that Dr Miroshnik uses coupled with the dual plane placement techniques means you will not be required to massage.  Massaging is used by other surgeons to encourage the impant to 'drop' into place.  Dr M's technique will do this on its own.  Please do not massage them.