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I have collated a list of links that you may find useful in your surgery preparation and research.  My experience is with Dr Michael Miroshnik, so the links I have included are really based on my experiences pre, during and post op with Dr M.  If you come across any that you would like to add here, just send me a message or get in touch. 


Thanks for your input.  :)

Shop for Post Op Bra, Scar Cream & More

Pure You are passionate about the holistic view of your surgery experience.  It is not only important to care for your body in the lead up to your surgery but it is also important to maintain that care well beyond your surgery day.  Their aftercare range has been hand picked by fellow patients as being the most loved  Click on this link for all the post surgery items you may need.

Concierge Service for Travelling Patients

Pure You is a unique concierge service taking the stress out of preparing for and recovering from surgery with renowned plastic surgeons in Australia. We eliminate stress and ensure you are free to enjoy the upcoming new, pure you.

Whether you are travelling from interstate or even overseas, you can connect with Pure You to become your recovery partner.  Your concierge service begins the moment you book your surgery, leaving you free to get excited about the upcoming new, pure you. 

Pure You offers clients pre and post operative care services via tailored, personal packages that you would expect when seeking a higher value surgical experience with a top plastic surgeon such as Dr Michael Miroshnik. 

Connecting with other Dr Miroshnik patients

Hands down, the best source for information on the preparation and recovery from surgery with Dr Miroshnik is the Facebook Group that has been created for his patients.  If you are a patient with a consult or surgery date, do not hesitate to message this page for more information on how join the secret Facebook Group.

Where to Stay - Meriton Serviced Apartments

Meriton Serviced Apartments Bondi Junction is located in the prestigious eastern suburbs of Sydney situated high in Bondi Junction ensuring spectacular views of the city and harbour. Consisting of 305 fully self contained furnished suites towering above the rail interchange and next door to the famous Westfield Shopping Centre.  I stayed at the Meriton for 6 days during my surgery time.  I chose the Meriton due to the fact they had a one bedroom option, as I didn't want to stay in a studio for my recovery.  One thing about the Meriton....if you are selecting the one bedroom deluxe suite, be sure to request that you are located in Tower 1.  The suites in Tower 2 are actully situated in the basement and are small, dark and dingy.  Tower 1, I can not fault.  It was the perfect place to recover and a quick walk to all the food you can imagine.  :)  The Westfield is just downstairs and the train station is underneath the building. 

Please visit for access to exclusive corporate rates when you chose one of their Concierge packages.  The price will not be beaten.  


There has been a bit about this in the media again.  Please note that BIA-ALCL is not breast cancer.  It stands for Breast Implant Associated with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma.


A quick chat with Dr Miroshnik provides these very important notes;

- Dr Miroshnik He has never seen a case in his career.
- Dr Miroshnik only uses micro or nanotexture.
- risk is 1:60000 - 100000
- risk of getting lymphoma in a female without implants is 1:50 and breast cancer is 1:9. So a female with implants is 1:60000 - 1000000 out of those anyway.

Here is the link to the Australasian Society of Plastic Surgeons' FAQs.


A snapshot of these FAQs;

- BIA-ALCL is not same as breast cancer
- it does not develop in the breast tissue
- The risk may be around one in 5000 for women with breast implants
- The risk of breast cancer is about one in eight women 
- No cases have been found in patients with smooth implants
- The majority of cases are cured with the removal of implants and the fibrous capsule around
them from both breasts. 
- Bacteria have been identified within the lymphoma and around implants in affected breasts

Now you have boobs, you'll need...

With new boobs came the new love of all things lace and bralette.  So much so that I decided to open my own online boutique.  Love Her Wild was formed when I identified a gap in the current market and set out to fill it.  Post op I am a size 6-8 with a DD-E cup size.  There are babes all over the world in the same situation too.  They have a larger than average bust for their smaller frame.  They don't necessarily require too much support, as their boobs are firm and sit quite high, whether naturally or through augmentation. They want a pretty bralette or crop, but have trouble finding one that is both supportive enough in the band and provides enough coverage for their boobs.  The norm seems to be the larger the boobs, the larger the band. Not cool.  


♡♡♡ Love Her Wild has a perfect customer in mind.  If you are a size 6-10 with a D-F cup size, then you are our BABE!  Our goal is to release our very own line with you in mind, so sign up to our newsletter and you will be the first to know when that is happening.  ♡♡♡

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