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Hi :) I am writing this first post to introduce myself and the motivation for creating this blog.

I am just a regular Brisbane girl who recently had breast augmentation surgery with Dr Michael Miroshnik in Sydney, May 2016. I started this blog as a result of feedback and interactions I had on my Instagram 'blog'.

I am boobsbydrm, you can find me primarily on Instagram (@boobsbydrm) where I have been documenting my breast augmentation journey with Dr Michael Miroshnik (aka Dr M).

Instagram is a great space for sharing your journey in pictures. Over time though, I found that each picture I posted prompted questions via comments, or direct messages from other patients of Dr Miroshnik, or from women doing research in to their own breast augmentation journeys. All of these women were looking for answers to questions about my procedure, or just wanted to know that how they were feeling was 'normal'. I never thought it would morph in to the account that it has.

I really love the interactions I have with other patients and I love being able to put somebody else's mind at ease, or be able to help somebody come to a decision to have their own surgery.

When I was preparing for my own surgery I found it hard to gather some actual, real life experiences from other Dr M patients without having my own private BA (breast augmentation) Instagram account. There are public forums around that I am a member of, but the direct contact that I get with Instagram feels more 'personal'.

I decided to write this blog a few weeks ago when somebody told me how inspirational my Instagram had been for them and how they had felt a sense of relief when we chatted about our similar experiences with Dr M. I thought that if I can help other women considering (or having had) a breast augmentation, then maybe the associated 'stigma' and judging of this type of surgery could be lessened, if only a little.

I do hope you enjoy reading it and if you are considering plastic surgery with Dr M or any other surgeon and would like to get in touch, feel free to contact me either by the form on this blog, email or you can chat via Instagram.

H xx :)

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