I don't want big boobs!

It seems silly to start this post with anything other than a little chuckle. Dr Miroshnik must hear this all the time and it totally escapes me as to how he doesn't just say "seriously?"

My initial consult with Dr M was full of statements like; "I don't want massive boobs." " I don't want them to look fake." lol He assured me over and over again that unless I had specifically asked to be out of proportion, he would make me look proportionate. We spoke about sizes, CCs, profiles.....but to be perfectly honest, none of it really made any sense at the time. All I knew was that I wanted him to fix me and give me what I was supposed to have.

I had very deflated breasts due to pregnancy, weight loss and a new found love of weight training. Dr M had mentioned that it was quite possible that the implants he used in each breast may very well have been different, due to what he had to work with; what left over breast tissue was there.

After my initial consult, I returned to Brisbane and proceeded to go against better advice and Googled all the different sizes that Dr M had mentioned. What I found was that everyone I came across all looked very much different, even with the same size implants. I was left anxious and confused. I had made another appointment to speak with Dr M (over the phone) to hopefully ease my mind with a little bit of education. After this phone consult, which can I add was amazing and a testament to how caring Dr M really is. Not once did he make me feel rushed, not once did he make me feel like I was being silly or that my questions or concerns weren't relevant. He spent as long as I needed to answer questions and ensure that I was left with a better understanding and much, much less anxiety.

What I had learnt from speaking with Dr M was that choosing an implant size was so much more than picking a cc size and running with it. Everything about me would make an impact to implant choice; the size of my chest wall, the width of my chest, the remaining breast tissue of my own, the fact that my chest was actually lopsided due to a shoulder surgery years ago, there were just so many things to consider. You just can not compare yourself to anybody else when choosing size.

He had also advised me that he would not know exactly which implants he would be using until I was in surgery. It was here that my particular situation would really show itself to him and he would test out the different implants during surgery and select the ones that produced the perfect results for me. Whilst the unknown size made me slightly nervous in the lead up to my surgery (which was still 3 months away from my phone consult with Dr M), I just kept in mind the reasons I had chosen Dr M in the first place. I had chosen him based on his results and I trusted that he would give me exactly what would suit me, what was proportionate for me. All this trusting aside, I still felt slightly anxious for the next 3 months. I just kept thinking "I don't want big boobs." lol Well I thought I didn't want big boobs. What was big anyway? I mean, I was starting with nothing, so anything more than that would be considered big, right?

Two days before my surgery, I had my pre op consult with Dr M. I was so excited for this appointment, as it was now we would get to talk more about size and I could even try on some implants. Again, I just remember telling him over and over "I just don't want to have massive boobs." lol His response to me was always calming, reassuring and he would just say "They will be proportionate, I think you'll be pleased. You'll have a great result." Of course he totally knew what he was talking about. Here is the selection of choices he took in to surgery with him. Even seeing all the different sizes on paper was exciting. I couldn't wait until my surgery in 2 days. I was excited to see what I would end up with.

My surgery day arrived. Dr M was marking me up in the room. He asked how I was feeling. My response? Slightly anxious. I don't want big boobs. Seriously. lol. I remember waking up (eventually) after surgery and the nurse was helping me put the post op bra on. Dr M came by and after realizing who he was (lol) he says "I got away with the 390s." I was stoked. lol....because you know, "I didn't want big boobs.

Back in my hotel room that evening, I took a sneak peak at them in the mirror. To me, they were massive (some of the size was due to the swelling), and I was super happy. Super excited. Now....I loved my big boobs. They were amazing. I couldn't believe I spent so long being worried about not wanting big boobs. It's nearly been 3 months since my surgery and I have days where they are a perfect size and days where I wished I had gone a little bigger. (I know, right!) I sometimes think that if I had have laid off the "I don't want big boobs" statements a little more with Dr M, he may have chosen the bigger implants to suit me. They call it boob greed. I'll write another blog about that one day. lol.

For now, I have the most amazing and natural and perfectly proportionate boobs for me. I love them!

For the record, Dr M chose the 390cc Mentor Cohesive III medium height, high profile implants for me.

H xx :)

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