So I don't need a breast lift?

For as long as I can remember I was going to get my boobs done. To me, this meant I was going to get a breast lift and have them sit perky on my chest again; just how they did in my 20s. I think that may have been what held me back from getting a consult too. The fact that I had to have them lifted, which basically meant I needed to have them reconstructed. The thought of it was overwhelming and somewhat scary. It was a much larger surgery and therefore, I suppose a more expensive one, with a longer recovery. That was all in my head of course. I mean, it's not like I knew what I was talking about, right? I'd never had a breast lift before, nor did I know anybody with one.

This was what I started with.

My starting point

I walk in to my consult with Dr Miroshnik pretty much expecting to just get assessed and then be given a quote for a lift and implants and be sent on my way. lol I was pretty mistaken. My consult was a complete eye opener. (I will create a full blog post about the entire consult process later.) Dr M had asked me a few questions about my lifestyle and had suggested that if I was ok to have 'bigger' implants, that a lift was not required because he really just needed to inflate my rather deflated breasts. I'd never heard of this before. To my uneducated self, you either got implants if you had no breasts naturally, or a lift in cases like mine. He measured where my nipples sat, as this would be the be all and end all of whether he could 'fix' me without a lift. To my surprise, I was a great candidate for the augmentation only. No lift for me! My nipples were positioned in such a way that when he put the implants in (size chosen later), they would be lifted enough, that they were in a natural position, and not too droopy at the bottom of my breasts. I was super happy with that.

Dr M had mentioned that as long as I was happy with 'bigger' implants, then we could just proceed with the breast augmentation without the lift. He would need to use the biggest implants required to fill all the excess breast skin. That gave me a little anxiety. Read my "I Don't Want Big Boobs' post for more on that. lol If however, I wanted smaller implants, he would need to do the lift and just create a whole new set of breasts for me. So I had a decision to make.

After a couple of weeks and a further phone consult with Dr Miroshnik, I chose to go with the breast augmentation only. I figured that I was a woman, not a 19 year old girl anymore and I was totally happy with having the larger, more womanly curves.....and knowing Dr M's results, who else would be able to produce that with what I started with.

This is a comparison shot. The top one is 10 week post op, the bottom was my consult pic from Dr M in January.

It's nearly 12 weeks since my surgery and I have not for one minute regretted the decision to go with the larger implants and augmentation rather than smaller, perkier breasts with the lift. My results are super natural and I have never felt more like a woman before. I even have days where I wish he had been able to use bigger implants. lol.

I guess the moral of this story, is definitely to know your options. If you are a candidate for an augmentation without the need for a lift, then don't feel anxious at all. It can be done....and if you're using Dr M, know that he is an absolute genius at making you look 100% natural. I am forever being told how natural I look. I love them!

H xx :)

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