My Recovery Item Checklist

9th October Edited to add (and why did it take me so Please see for all your post op recovery needs. They offer surgery specific recovery packs, delivered to you or your hotel and packed full of all the essentials you never even knew you needed until you needed them. ;)

Travelling to Sydney from Brisbane to have a surgical procedure was somewhat daunting in the beginning. I was lucky to be able to go through this whole experience with a friend though, so that was super exciting. We made our initial phone call to Dr M's rooms in September 2015, the first date we could book our consult for was the end of January 2016. It was around the middle of February that we booked our surgery date - May 6th. We had 3 months. So much to do, we thought.

We spent most of the 3 months tagging each other in boob pics and screenshotting for texts. haha. We also went on a huge training program to try and get our bodies in shape and ready for a healthy recovery. It wasn't until around 2 or so weeks before surgery that we started to get super anxious and think about what we may need to be packing. We were travelling away from our homes for major surgery....and staying in a hotel, after all.

I started asking other girls on Instagram what their 'must have' items were. The list below is what I ended up taking. I know that other people recommend so much more, but seriously, this would be absolute must have. No need for over thinking it.

1. U Pillow

Also known as a Boomerang or V pillow, you will love this. It's perfect for building your recovery pillow fort. When you return to your hotel (or home) you will want to have this ready and waiting for you. You can buy these at Kmart, Spotlight, Myer or any bedding store.

2. Ice Packs

Ice packs. If you forget everything else, don't forget these. Make sure they are the gel filled ones as they freeze really quickly. Take two at a minimum, that way you can make sure that you always have one frozen. Ice packs are a great pain reliever. They also reduce swelling, bonus! I continually had an ice pack on for around the first 7 days. You can pick these up at your local chemist or grocery store.

3. Vitamin E Moisturiser

Any moisturiser with vitamin E will do the trick, but Palmer's is my favourite, probably because it smells like chocolate. I started with the moisturizer on Day One post op, twice a day. I would alternate with Bio Oil. Vitamin E assists in protecting and repairing your skin. It also lets you have some well needed bonding time with your new boobs. :) You can buy it at chemists or your local grocery store.

4. Bio Oil

Just like the Palmer's above, applying Bio Oil is a great bonding experience. I would use Bio Oil in the morning and at night. Bio Oil has a few different benefits. It is known for assisting in the reduction of scarring, it also treats uneven skin tone and dehydrated skin. You can buy it at chemists or your local grocery store.

5. Laxatives

The drugs used both during and post surgery may have an 'unpleasant' side affect. Take these, you won't regret it. Pick some up at your local chemist or grocery store.

6. Recovery Food

Whether it's fruit, burgers or chocolate, make sure you have some food to come back to, already prepared. You may not eat in the first day, but at least you will have prepared food ready for when your appetite returns. You won't want to be cooking or going out for take out.

7. Comfy Clothing

Comfort clothes. Victoria Secret's Pink range has always been my favourite loungewear. You'll want something loose, that is not too much trouble to get in to, particularly on your own. Make sure the top you choose is not one that you have to pull over your head. A zip up hoodie or loose fitting singlet that you can step in to will be great. Just make sure it's super comfortable.

8. Paracetamol

Paracetamol will be part of your medication regime for the first week at least. You'll be taking 2 tablets, every 4-6 hours. I took mine religiously for about 2 weeks. Buy them at your local chemist or grocery store.

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