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I had planned for my surgery with Dr Miroshnik for years. I had saved countless pictures from his Instagram page to my camera roll, I had tagged my friend in pics in excitement and spent way too much time wondering which breasts would look best on me, over and over and over again. What I didn't think about was recovering. I gave no thought to the time it would take, the small things I would no longer be able to do or even how I would feel about my new self. Now at 12 weeks post op, looking back on all those little things makes me laugh.

I thought I would compile a list of some of the regular, daily activities I found difficult after having breast surgery. Whether it's from the pulling or the pushing actions or the stretching of my arms, these were somewhat a pain in the butt in those first few days (and some of them, weeks).

1. Flushing the toilet.

2. Opening the fridge.

3. Brushing or washing my hair - I just didn't....until about day 3.

4. Doing up buttons on my jeans.

5. Adjusting the shower head.

6. Shaving my legs.

7. Preparing anything in the kitchen. Even in to week 3, the act of vegetable cutting was interesting.

8. Doing laundry.

9. Getting trays out of the oven.

10. Pulling on tight clothing.

11. Lifting myself off the sofa, or a chair....or bed. #absfordayz

12. Getting in to my husband's 4WD.

13. Grocery shopping. Get that stuff delivered, seriously. Not one part of grocery shopping is easy. Getting items off shelves, pushing a trolley, putting the bags in the car....get that done for you.

14. Hanging up my towel.

15. Getting toilet paper off the roll (seriously....location is everything.)

16. Getting lids off bottles and jars.

The below picture is actually the pile of towels that I had accumulated over the first 4 days in the hotel. I literally couldn't hang them up, so they ended up in the bath and I used a new one everyday. lol. Note where the toilet paper is too. I couldn't reach behind me to get it off the holder, so it sat on the end of the bath for better accessibility. haha

I'll probably add to this over the coming weeks as I keep thinking of them. Or comment below to add your own in.

H xx :)

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