Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful - whatever that means to you!

What is beautiful anyway? Is it how others see you? Is it how you see yourself? Or is it even how you feel about yourself?

People come in all shapes and sizes, right? What I am learning more and more lately is that it's totally everyone's choice to look how they want and better themselves in any way they want, with no need for judgements from anybody else.

Being active on Instagram as boobsbydrm, I have met so many other females going through what I am and being judged for it. One of the girls I chat to on there recently 'justified' her breast augmentation by saying "what's the difference with someone's choice to get braces and that's widely accepted!" I hadn't thought of it like that before, but yeah...totally. No one ever criticises that, it's seen as more of a need isn't it. Interesting actually.

Is it anyone else's business what you choose to do with your body, or how you want to present yourself to the world you live in? I don't think it is. If someone chooses to alter their appearance, they are making that choice themselves. Their decision does not require judgments from anyone, not their partners, not their family, not their friends.

Whether it's a change of hair colour, a face full of makeup, a body piercing, a tattoo, cosmetic or plastic enhancements or body shape and size; what does it matter? Whatever makes you happy, right? Be your own kind of beautiful.

I never really thought about my reasons for getting a breast augmentation until I was forced to ask myself a few weeks ago. I have so many people asking me what my husband (of 8 years) thinks or what does my family think? When I thought about this, there is really only one response; what does it matter what they think? Right? I chose to have my surgery for me, and me only. I don't even think it was about self esteem. It was just about feeling like a woman, about looking they way I was supposed to look, with breasts. I didn't do it so my husband would like what he saw, he loved me and told me I was beautiful just about everyday, regardless of my breasts. It wasn't about him, nor should it be. It was about me.

This had me thinking about changes that other people make to themselves too, not just having surgery. There was a 'famous' person on 60 minutes a few weeks back. She had definitely had non-surgical cosmetic enhancements to her face, that was plain to see. (At the time of watching it, I had not had anything like that done.) I found myself thinking that she totally looked like she'd had 'work' done, but then also saying to myself "since when is it my place to judge her". It was her decision to make the enhancements, and she did it for her own reasons and I bet she looks in the mirror every day and feels beautiful. So what is the issue?

It's the same with all changes a person might make to their appearance too, isn't it? Why do we feel the need to judge people so easily? I have made a conscious change in the way I see these things now, and I am certainly placing no judgements on anybody. Everyone has the right to do what they please to make themselves look or feel beautiful. It might be joining a gym to change the shape of your body, it might be a trip to the hairdresser to get your gorgeous long locks shaved off or it might be countless trips to the plastic surgeon to make you look like a barbie doll. If these changes make you feel more beautiful, then who is anyone to judge you for that?

There's a current 'movement' that's gone viral in the world of social media. Maybe you've seen it in one of your social feeds. They've just released a major documentary globally, about women and how they view their bodies and that they should just be at peace with them the way they are. I am almost of the opinion that even this is somewhat judgemental, in a way. Judgemental of people that do wish to make changes to their bodies, whether it's to lose weight for aesthetic reasons, lose weight for health reasons or even lose weight drastically and change the shape of your body for bodybuilding type reasons. From what I have read and heard, they advocate for a healthy relationship with your body, which is perfect. me, 'they' are almost saying to just embrace it the way it is. I feel like maybe they're being a bit judgemental towards people who do wish to make changes to the themselves in order to feel more beautiful. Should I have just embraced my deflated breasts that hung flat against my? Should I not have changed my diet to lose weight? Should I not get up every morning and exercise to try to prolong my life through being healthy? Have I missed something?

One thing I do know is that I don't judge the this movement though. The message is great. Embrace yourself and who you are, but if that means you want to surgically or non-surgically enhance the way you look, then go be your own kind beautiful!

H xx :)

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