Review Written @ 8 Weeks PO

I am now 6 months PO, but this review was posted at 8 weeks PO.

There really are no words to describe Dr Michael Miroshnik. They do not call him the breast master for nothing. He has changed my life. I walk taller, I stand taller, I am full of confidence. He has given me a new life. What an amazing man, he is. I am forever grateful. An absolute superstar!

Of course there are many plastic surgeons out there, some cheaper and some definitely more local to me....but the one thing you'll find with Dr M is his consistently amazing results. Just a quick view at his Instagram and you'll see what I mean. His signature, custom cleavage and breast creation is second to none.

As an interstate patient, I instantly knew I wanted Dr M to perform my surgery no matter the cost or travel. His professionalism in all the pre and post op consults is perfect. He is a kindhearted man who is passionate about his work and takes the utmost care to listen to you and make you feel like you matter more than just a simple number on his patient list. Just an all over amazing experience. Look no further than Dr will not regret it. Below is my review of the procedure itself.

I had been following Dr Michael Miroshnik on Facebook and Instagram for a couple of years and loved his natural, feminine results. I had seen other surgeons' work and nothing compared to the results I had seen in Dr Miroshnik's patients. I knew there was no other surgeon I wanted to see. The fact that he is also admired by his peers goes to show the type of surgeon he is.

After finally gaining the courage to book a consult with Dr M, the wheels were set in motion. Flights were booked and off I went to Sydney. The consultation process was perfect. I was given some options to ponder, the whole process was explained to me. After 16 years of having deflated breasts, I had always assumed that I would require a breast lift as well as implants to bring life back to my breasts. When Dr M had advised a lift was not necessarily required, I was shocked. He measured me up and told me that I had enough skin to work with so long as I was OK having 'larger' breasts than I had first thought. He gave me options of either a breast lift, with nipple relocation and 'smaller' implants that I thought I wanted, or he could fill the skin that I had remaining with whatever implant it took. I had some decisions to make.

I arrived back in Brisbane and spent the next few days Googling sizes on the internet and seeing what other girls had looked like with the size options that he had given me. (BAD IDEA.) This just left me anxious and confused. I called his office and his fabulous staff booked a phone consult for me with Dr M so that I could go through some additional questions directly with him in order to make my decision on what procedure I was going with; lift & implants or just implants. He called and took the time I needed to answer all my questions. What a relief! He put my mind at ease and explained how the implant sizing works and more importantly how very different the same size and profile implant can look on somebody else. Note to self - STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLE! If you want to know about sizing for you, stay away from rice sizers and Google. They really are so different on everyone. Your body shape is taken in to account, your chest wall size, what you have to work with in the beginning, there are so many variables. If you trust your surgeon, then know that he (or she) will give you the options that are right for you. If you have any doubts that they are not able to help you with, then it's possible that you've picked the wrong surgeon. Dr M knew that I didn't want out of proportion breasts and assured me that the implant options he had in mind for me (even though they were bigger than I had thought), would 100% give me proportionate results. (He was totally correct, of course.) ......and with that surgery was booked.

I opted for just the implants. So excited! My surgery date fast approached and I flew to Sydney for my post op consult with Dr M 2 days before my surgery was scheduled. This consult was perfect. He explained what was going to happen, advised of the implant options that he would try in theater to create the look that we had spoken about and most importantly made me feel completely at ease (even though I was petrified inside). I walked out of this consult and left my anxiety behind. It is surgery day! 16 years in the making, basically. I was so excited! I arrived at the East Sydney Private Hospital at 8.15, I was in pre op at my scheduled time of 8.30 and there was no turning back. I met the anaesthetist, who was lovely and caring. Then Dr M came in and drew me up. He's so kind and attentive. There was no anxiety at all. He just dissolves it immediately with his manner.

This was it, I was in the theater. It was finally my turn. So excited, slightly nervous, but certainly not anxious about the decisions I had made. The next thing I knew I was being woken took them a while. lol. I finally had the breasts I had wanted for so long....and they were Dr M breasts....even better!

Recovery was amazing! There really wasn't any pain, it was more discomfort and stiffness. I was back at my hotel (The Meriton @ Bondi Junction) by 2.30 the same day. The hospital sent me home with all the necessary drugs and Dr M provides 2 post op compression bras for recovery as well. These bras are the most comfortable item you will ever wear. I am still in mine nearly 24/7, 2 months on. The next few days were spent resting, sleeping and slow walks around the local area. I wasn't really expecting the recovery to be so easy. Dr M - you are a star!

On the 4th day I had my post op consult with Dr M's nurse. Everything was as it should be, swelling was subsiding and I felt great. I flew home to Brisbane on the 5th day and continued my recovery at home. At week 3 I had a post op consult with Dr M's nurse and was able to remove the dressings covering the incisions. This was probably the most painful of the whole experience. lol. It killed removing the tape, I thought I was going to faint. When I finally got them off and saw the incisions I was completely gobsmacked. Incisions? What incisions? You could barely see them at all. They are perfectly situated in my crease and much smaller than I was expecting them to be, they healed so wonder he leaves the dressings on for so long. #scarmaster

I am now 8 weeks post op and nearly back to normal. I have started back at the gym with very light activity, but I don't feel any discomfort at all, just loss of strength which was to be expected. I would do it all again in a heartbeat! The whole process was seamless and Dr Miroshnik is everything you read about and more. He is one in a million. The best in the business. He has changed my life! Thank you forever Dr M. xx

If you're thinking about breast augmentation and are in a position to travel to Sydney, seriously look no further than Dr Michael Miroshnik, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon. If you're thinking about breast augmentation and can not travel to Sydney then please, please do your research, ask questions, don't Google sizes and be sure that your surgeon is qualified as a plastic surgeon, not just a cosmetic surgeon. Feel free to message, or find me on Instagram. @boobsbydrm

Ah. just re-reading that now (in November) has put a massive smile on my face.

H xx :)

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