Is Dr M worth the money?

I have been asked this question so many times, I have lost count. It's a legitimate question of course; it's a big decision and in most cases, it's a permanent one. Without sounding get what you pay for!

​When I was doing my 'research' for my breast augmentation, I actually didn't get quotes from any other surgeon. In fact, I never even looked in to any other surgeon. I had known from the beginning who's work I wanted. The cost was really going to be irrelevant in my decision. It's only now that I am post op that I think about the cost and whether it was worth it; and that is only because I am asked so often. It's not that I feel the need to justify the expense, not at all. I mean after all, this is a life changing surgery. Cost should almost not be relevant, and if it is it might be something to reconsider.

At the time of my surgery (May 2016), Dr Miroshnik's fee for a 'straight forward' breast augmentation was $10030, this included his fee, the theater assistant, two post op bras and a roll of scar tape. There is also an anaesthetist fee and of course the hospital fee to pay separately. I travelled from Brisbane, so there was an additional cost involved with flights and accommodation as well. I follow other 'great' surgeons on Instagram and Facebook, who offer breast augmentation surgery (in Brisbane) for $9999. They get good results, don't get me wrong. But I wanted the best. The price difference in fees is actually not that big when you compare a 'good surgeon with good results' to a 'great surgeon with great results'. For me, this was a permanent change to my body and a decision I made with that in mind. Did I want a good result, or did I want a great one!

So there's the question.....Is it worth the money to get great breasts as opposed to good ones? Hmmm, yeah I think so and here's a bunch of reasons why I say it is.

  • You are getting the best plastic surgeon in Australasia. (Dr Miroshnik was just awarded with the Best Plastic Surgery Practice in Australasia, for the second year in a row at the recent My Face My Body Awards.) #pointproven

  • You are getting an amazing team who will guide you through your pre and post op care. His nurse responds to any concerns you may have so super quickly. You will be amazed. (He and his team also just won the Best Customer Experience award too.) #pointprovenagain. Can I just point out how relevant this experience is when you are in the first few days of surgery and you are going through all the changes but have no idea whether what you are feeling is normal or not. Not only do you have access to Dr Miroshnik's team for anxiety alleviation, you are given direct access to him. In my mind, this is priceless. You are never brushed off.

  • Dr M uses a technique like no other. It's one that he also teaches to other up and coming surgeons.

  • He is highly regarded by his peers and is frequently asked to talk at industry conferences.

  • Your fee for surgery includes your post op bras and scar tape. You won't need to shop for these, big relief. It also covers all of your consults.

  • Have you seen my scars? I have seen some traumatic incisions on Instagram etc, but Dr Miroshnik's incisions are always flawless. You won't find a more perfect result. #scarmaster

  • His passion for creating natural results is something he is renowned for. He will work with you throughout the whole process and create a custom solution for you; after all not every patient has the same story.

  • Dr Michael Miroshnik would have to be the most humble and passionate man I have ever met. He loves his 'job' and as a patient this is something you will notice from your initial consult. It would be so easy for him to be arrogant. lol. But he's not. Really. This is a surgeon truly motivated by passion and nothing else.

So ask me again....was Dr M worth the cost? Absolutely! I would pay it again in a heartbeat and even more so now with the hindsight of being a patient of his. I can not fault the experience. I can not fault Dr M or any member of his team. Outstanding! #wortheverycent

[Edited to add in 2019]

My experience was so much more than a breast augmentation. It was life changing in many ways. The whole experience with Dr Miroshnik and his team showcased to me what women deserve when they seek plastic surgery. They deserve to be heard, they deserve to be cared for, they deserve the best of everything. This has led me to create a passionate business (Pure You) that supports patients during the lead up to and recovery from plastic surgery in Australia. We support patients from all over the world who travel to see top Australian plastic surgeons, of course Dr Miroshnik is one of those. We take care of everything for you, so that all you to do is relax, recover and enjoy the new, pure you. We are super passionate about supporting our clients through their experiences. We partner with some of the countries top plastic surgeons and are committed to sharing education through research.

If you are in the stages of booking your surgery and want to know more about how we can support you, please send us an email to We can organize everything for you, from your accommodation (at reduced rates), and sending post surgical recovery packs directly to your home or hotel to save you from buying it all yourself. We can even organize an in room hair dresser or masseuse to ensure you are feeling relaxed and pampered. Contact us today to find out more. If you are having surgery with Dr Miroshnik be sure to ask how we can support you.

H xx :)

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