7 hours makes a difference

I recently had this picture taken off my Instagram. It was a real shame, as this picture, to me is pure perfection. It shows the happiest boobies I had ever had! (At that point in time anyway.) Below is a copy and paste of the comments I had received. I am glad I kept them all, as it really depicts just how excited and happy I was.

This is the difference 7 hours makes. The top picture was taken at 8am on the 6th May, the bottom picture was taken at 7 hours post op, around 8pm on the 6th May.


7 hours post op. They're quite swollen and one is bigger than the other, which was expected (added: this was due to a long term shoulder injury that I have, it's not something that could have been fixed with surgery). I'm so pleased with them. What a roller coaster! He ended up with the 390s which he said are just perfect. 👌😍

  • mayy_ba_ they're looking so good doll! All the best with your recovery, can't wait to follow it. You look so great already xx

  • miroshnik_ba Congratulations lovely! Take care and rest up! 😘😘😘😘 xxxxx

  • batci_may2016@boobsbydrm what size did you end up going with

  • boobsbydrm@batci_may2016 he went with the 390s, which I am super happy with. Can't wait to see how they settle.

  • batci_may2016@boobsbydrm i can't wait to see the results aswell good luck with the recovery

  • ba_by_drmiroshnik They look fab!! Happy healing Hun x

  • boobsbydrm Thanks so much everyone. I'm loving seeing the changes all the time and it's only day 1.

  • ba_495cc_anatomical_overs_ Why is one bigger than other huni? I had my opp yesterday and right bigger than left 🙈 @boobsbydrm

  • boobsbydrm Pretty sure it's different for everyone. .but my surgeon advised me at my consult that I had lopsided breasts....due to a shoulder injury. I didn't realise they were. 😅 There was always a bit more breast tissue in one than the other...it's not really noticeable now though. Sometimes after a BA it can just be due to your more dominant side too. My more dominant side was swollen for longer. This could be the case with you. Given it was only yesterday, I wouldn't be too concerned just yet. I'm sure they'll even out. If it continues to bother you, maybe contact your surgeon's office.@ba_495cc_anatomical_overs_

  • ba_495cc_anatomical_overs_ My right side is defo my domiant side. I work out 5-6 days a week so maybe its stronger and that's why. Wouldn't of noticed that they are different huni just saw in comments. Hope all is well now @boobsbydrm xx

For the record, at the time of writing this I am 7 months post op. :)

I wanted to include this here on my blog for future reference.

H xx :)

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