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I started my Instagram account 12 months ago now and have loved connecting with other surgical (and hopeful) patients of Dr Miroshnik's from all over the world. Instagram is a great tool for documenting your surgery 'journey' (not a fan of that as it instantly connects you to hundreds, if not thousands of people in the same situation. These connections were so helpful during my early pre and post op recovery days. It's always reassuring to be able to ask "Is this normal?" and know that you'll get a bunch of supportive people answering you.

When I was looking to read about other people's experiences with Dr Miroshnik, I found it very difficult to get responses from patients of his who had surgery accounts (known as BA accounts) on Instagram, as those users had set their accounts to private and were only accepting other BA accounts as followers. So if you are just a 'normal person' with a 'normal' Insta account, most of these patients won't accept you as a follower. When I started my account, I chose to keep it public so that other patients (post and future) could connect with me easily. All it takes is for me to comment on one of @drmiroshnik's Instagram posts and it prompts another patient to contact me with questions or asking for advice. All of these contacts led me to start this blog as I found I was getting asked the same questions a lot. (I also created the FAQ section to direct people to for quick reference.) I know starting my Instagram account, and being so public and accessible with it, has helped heaps of other girls in their research or recovery and has even prompted some of them to start their own BA accounts. If you are an Instagram user and are having difficulty getting in contact with 'surgery accounts', I can highly recommend starting your own BA account. It opens up a huge and super supportive community of surgical patients at your fingertips all ready to answer any questions you have. Just search 'Dr Miroshnik' in insta and you will already see over 100 hundred BA accounts.

A question I get asked a lot is whether there is a Facebook Group for patients to connect and support each other? After all, not everyone uses Instagram. There are forums online, like Real Self and Plastic Surgery Forum, but there was not a specific Facebook Group and not a Dr Miroshnik specific group. After being asked for nearly 12 months, I have now created one. If you would like to be added (it is currently set to 'secret', please message me with your email address and I will send you the invite through Facebook.

As each surgeon has their own techniques, they also have their own recovery guidelines. I found connecting to patients specifically of Dr Miroshnik's to be super important for this reason. I see a lot of recovery type questions being asked on Instagram (like "When can I train again?" "How long do I have to wear the post op bra?" "When can I start driving?" "When can I start using the scar tape?") and as each person may have had a different surgeon, I was being given a bunch of different responses. The Facebook Group will alleviate this 'confusion'. :) It's only been live for a few days and it's already full of questions and advice. Hopefully we'll build a great community there.

If you're not a Facebook user, don't be afraid to connect with Instagram; even try starting your own account. You'll not only have a documented history of your experience, with loads of before and after pictures, you'll also connect to a supportive community that will answer anything you ask.

H xx :)

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