Why I'm getting a tummy tuck.

A breast augmentation and a tummy tuck have been on my wishlist for over a decade. Both something I never really thought I'd have the courage to go through with. Now that I've had my augmentation (and couldn't be happier), the time has come to fix my tummy.

A little history.

When I was pregnant with my only child, I put on a significant amount of weight. I didn't take care of myself and certainly did my share of 'eating for two'. After my son was born I just became a mother and didn't think of anything else. I really let myself down in many ways. I was a single mum and while I'm not using it as an excuse, it was why I chose to over compensate and think only of my son. I thought I had to. I thought that putting him first was my duty. After all, I came from a single parent household and that's what my mum did.

The weight I'd gained while pregnant stayed on for a good few years. I mean it fluctuated a bit, and with that fluctuation came stretch marks and excess skin. It was a cycle of gain - lose - gain - lose - etc.

Fast forward 7 years and I met and married my husband. ❤ We started our lives out fit and healthy, cycling was our sport. Any weight that I was still carrying just dropped off. We both looked fit and happy. A cycling accident which completely smashed my shoulder meant the end of cycling for me. It really knocked me for six. I reverted back to no exercise and unhealthy eating as a way to cope with recovery I think. I had a while off work as a result of multiple surgeries and never really recovered physically or mentally. The cycle started again; gain - lose - gain - lose etc. It wasn't just a few kilos either, we're talking 10-15kg gains....even as far upwards of 30kg at one point. 😳

About five years ago the penny finally dropped. I needed to curb my nutrition and start getting fit and healthy again. Cycling was out of the question. After a few attempts at getting back on the bike, I just couldn't get the confidence back, so for now you'll only ever catch me on a beach bike. I started hiking and walking and trying out boot camp style training. Nothing seemed to click with me. As a last resort, I joined the local gym; a place I used to think only stay at home mums with nothing to do would frequent. This was it. I found my 'thing'. I was right at home at the gym. I met some amazing people there who changed my life forever. They not only taught me about the simple things about being a member of a gym, but I learnt a whole new world of taking care of myself and nourishing my body to get it to perform at it's best. There was no looking back. I've pretty much been gym training now for 5 years and I've never felt (or looked) better.

The weight dropped off, my body shape changed. I loved it. I looked fit and healthy and I was super strong and toned. But there was just one problem. 🤔 Now I'd lost the fat that was holding up my breasts and the fat that was filling out all that excess tummy skin. So now I was left with deflated boobs and a saggy and stretched tummy.

In January 2016, I had my first consult with Dr Miroshnik. Aside from my husband, he was going to be the first person to see my breasts and tummy and I was petrified. My expectations of the consult were that he'd recommend a breast lift and augment and a mini tummy tuck. I thought I'd only need the mini tummy tuck as I didn't think there was that much involved....lol. You can read about my consult experience here and here.

Turns out that he could 'fix' my breasts without requiring a lift (super happy about that), but I was super disheartened that he'd said he wouldn't do the mini tuck on me as the results wouldn't be what I'd hoped for. The 'damage' I'd done was too severe I suppose. So I booked the breast augmentation but couldn't gather enough courage to book the full extended tummy tuck at the same time. Even the day before my surgery I asked him again if he could do the mini...lol. He said "no" ....again.

Dr M had always said that once I'd had the augmentation, I'd probably find that the tummy wasn't that bad....because I'd keep looking at the boobs. Lol. I wanted so much for that to be true...but to be honest, once they'd settled in to their final position, all I could see was the tummy as it was taking away the fabulousness of my new boobs.

So I went for a final tummy consult in November 2016. Then I booked the full extended tummy tuck with muscle repair and tightening. 😳

I get people asking me all the time....or should I say telling me all the time "you don't need a tummy tuck." Yes, I might not look like the stereotypical tummy tuck patient in that I'm not carrying a huge tummy around, but that is because I've lost the weight that used to fill out the skin. I know I get a lot of judgments all the time about my Instagram pictures from people thinking (and even saying) that I don't need one and why would I do it. In response to all of them I just say that they can't see my tummy as I hide it very well. I wear high waisted gym tights to hide the skin. I wear high waisted underwear under everything, everyday, as it hides it. I can not wait to buy a normal pair of undies and low cut gym tights. Lol. The pictures I post on Instagram are obviously taken in such a way that I don't show my flaws. Trust me....if I didn't need one, Dr Miroshnik wouldn't have offered me one.

I know most people who contact me about me "not needing a tummy tuck" only mean well....but I'm writing this blog in the hope that I can address the judgments. I do need a tummy tuck. It's just that simple.

Maybe after surgery, I'll be courageous enough to share some actual before pics so you can see for yourself. Until then though, just take my word for it. Maybe I've even started another Instagram account to document it. 😋

Feel free to message me if you want any further info.

H xx :)

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