Phase two begins - Abdominoplasty

March 1st 1205pm….I'm bound for Sydney…again. Lol. In the last 12 months I've traveled this route four times. I'm growing very found of Sydney, well moreso Bondi. I spent a bit of time there in my late teens and early twenties and being there as an adult gives me a rekindled love for the place. I really do love going back.

This time is different though. This time I'm away from home and loved ones for 3 and a half weeks. This will be the longest I've been away from my husband in the 10 years we've been together. As I sit on the plane looking out the window, I start contemplating. So much has happened in the lead up to this day that I haven't really thought too much about the result of this next surgery. Up until a few weeks ago, I was super nervous everytime I thought about this surgery and the recovery that was to follow. However in the last couple of weeks, I've become somewhat disconnected from it all: like it's happening to someone else. I feel like that’s a great place to be though. I'm hoping that when I arrive at the hospital on Friday, I'll just go through the motions on autopilot and come out the other side with no recollection….lol.

I’m having my pre op consult with Dr Miroshnik at 5pm today (Wednesday), so I'll go straight to the hotel from the airport and then up to see him. I'm excited to meet with him again and I know he'll again eliminate any fears or anxieties that I may have. I have so many questions to ask him again …lol….I should really keep a list this time.

I went to two other surgeons after my initial consult with Dr Miroshnik. For many (and somewhat obvious) reasons I settled on him. I had previous experience with Dr M. I am at ease with him. His work is flawless, there's no doubt about that. What if I'd settled on a different surgeon? How much more anxious would I be? How would the results differ? I've seen other people's results with different surgeons and I'm so glad I chose Dr Miroshnik again. I just can't put a price on it.

I'm super excited to see my results and I do hope I gather enough patience to get me through until I'm all healed and recovered. But first….I’ve got to get through my consult.

I land in Sydney and head to the baggage carousel to collect my bag. Seeing as I'm staying 3.5 weeks this time, I have lots of stuff. 😋 So I'm waiting there for what was only a few minutes then I start a messenger chat with my husband, all the while with one eye on the conveyor belt. As time went on I realised that I was the only one there and there were two bags that just kept going around and around with no new bags coming out. I said to my husband "what if they've lost it?" I was only Then my stomach dropped. What if they actually have lost it? I couldn't work out why I was the only one waiting for a bag that was not coming. I had all these thoughts racing through my head. What was I going to do? Everything I had been gathering over the past few weeks in preparation for surgery, recovery and of course being away for 3.5 weeks, was in that everything!

I went over to the baggage service desk and explained my situation. They called through to the baggage guys out the back and they confirmed there was no bag there. They took my details, handed me a card and told me they'll trace it and be in touch. I was like "is that it then? I just go now?" ....and off I went. I went back to the baggage carousel and sat down to call my husband. As soon as he answered I burst in to tears. 😢 Of course, he made me feel better and told me everything would be fine and that worst case scenario, I would just go and re-buy everything again tomorrow. So I went to get my uber to the hotel.

The hotel had given me a larger room, as I am staying so long. It's quite roomy...for a studio. I'll report back in regards to how it treats me for 3.5 weeks though.

I settled myself in and tried to get my head around the fact that I couldn't even freshen myself up for my consult. 😕 No deodorant, no make up and no change of clothes. It was raining in Sydney and I was drenched. Excellent. Lol. Lucky there's a pharmacy just down the road, so I bought some items and headed back to the room to iron my skirt dry. 😂

5:00pm came and I went upstairs for my consult. I forgot about all the hospital forms I had to fill out....I really should've gone up earlier. For once, it actually turned out that Dr Miroshnik was on time. Whoops. I met with Sasha first who ran through all the formalities etc...then she took me in to Dr M. It's great to see him again. He really does give me so much of his time. We went through what he'd be able to achieve with surgery on Friday and he got me super excited. He drew a line with his finger where the incision would be and I'm impressed at how low it is. It'll go from hip to hip and scoop down a little in a little at the front. I've asked him to go around my hips as far as he possibly can in the hope he can grab some of my skin there. He's hopeful he'll get some and did warn me that the scar would be longer than a normal TT scar he would do. He showed me where my new belly button will be. Even that was exciting. It was originally the movement of the belly button that freaked me out most about this surgery...but now I'm actually excited by it as he says he makes 'cute' ones. 😀😀😀

At the end of the consult, Dr M said he send me for a blood test in the morning to check my iron levels. Good to know...especially when recovering from surgery. If it's low, he'll organise supplementing it post surgery.

I left the consult excited about the results he is going to be able to achieve for me. I can not wait to see the new version of me. Bring on Friday.

H :) xx

Hoping I'll be able to be coherent enough to write more tomorrow....being today. 😬😬

edited to add on the 4th April, Clearly I was no coherent enough as I have only just started writing the update.

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