Abdominoplasty - my first 24 hours

3rd March 2017 - Surgery day has arrived. I got the call from hospital (East Sydney Private) yesterday advising me to be at admissions at 1045. Eeeek! Super exciting.

I woke up early on surgery day, feeling calm, relaxed and excited. I was happy to be awake early as I wanted to get as many pictures and videos that I could of my pre op tummy. I needed something to kill the time too, as there would be no breakfast due to fasting since midnight and I was on my own, so it's not like there was anyone to chat to in the lead up. I was messaging friends throughout the morning and as time drew closer for me to leave the Quest, the nerves had really set in. I had to put myself in to robot mode to get me out the door. I ordered an Uber and off I went.

I arrived at ESPH right on time and made my way to admissions on level 4. I met with Rachel, who I had been speaking with the week before when I made my payment. She's lovely, definitely the face of the hospital and a sign of the service you can expect from ESPH. After completing the admissions paperwork, I took a seat and waiting for the pre op nurse to call me in. I was hoping it wasn't the same nurse as the one I had with my augmentation as she kind of rushed me through last time, and told me I was not to take my phone with me. After about 10 minutes, the door opened and the nurse came out to get her next patient; it was the same nurse. lol. I was not her next patient. Another two patients and about 20 minutes later, it was my turn. My stomach sunk with nerves. The nurse went through all the usual formalities and then it was off to get changed. I ensured I kept my phone with me this time. There was no way I was missing the phot op of my mark up.

After the pre op nurse was finished, I was popped in a hospital bed in the waiting area.......and there I stayed for some time. I didn't see or speak to anyone for what felt like about an hour, then a nurse came by and said Dr Miroshnik is taking a bit longer than expected with his previous patient. It must have been another 30 minutes to an hour or so before she came back to take me in to the 'mark up' room. I sat there in anticipation for what was to come. I was so excited about this bit. Watching Dr Miroshnik mark up is literally like watching an artist at work. He's absolutely meticulous about it.

Sitting in the 'mark up' room, I was starting to feel really robotic and disconnected. I was listening to the music playing next door. It was some form of cool electronic, lounge music, I really tried to take more notice of the tune as I wanted to be able to recount everything from that day.....lol. All I can remember was that I enjoyed listening to it and found myself almost being able to tune the world out with it's repetition. The door opened and the anaesthetist came in and introduced himself, I had Dr Ean Lim. He was lovely and explained everything that was going to happen. Shortly after Dr Lim left, Dr Miroshnik came in. I was pleased to see him and finally get this all happening, it must be close to about 2pm by now. I had been planning for this day since January 2016 at my initial consult with Dr M, we both briefly chatted about the time finally arriving, but our conversation was pretty much a blur to me. He called out for someone to bring a bed in to the room as there wasn't one in there.....then it was time to get marked up. Dr Miroshnik is such a perfectionist. He must have spent about 10 minutes marking me up, both on the bed, then standing up to check his lines, then back on the bed to make any necessary changes. I was in awe watching him, just like I imagine it would be to watch an artist at work....but I guess that's what I was witnessing.

Then it was show time. He left after warmly wishing me well and reminding me I was in the "best hands", then I was taken in to theater.

I tried to take note of everything this time, as during my breast augmentation, I think I could only recall the smell of coffee on Dr M's breath....lol. This time, he wasn't even in the room yet. There were a few people though, I just don't remember how many. lol. I climbed on the theater bed, said "here we go!" and let the anaesthetist and nursing team do their thing.....and I was out.

As usual, it took me ages to come around from the anaesthetic. I was in and out, and in and out; all the while hearing the calming voices of the recovery nurses. It wasn't until the familiar face and voice of Dr Miroshnik came in to the 'room', that I realised what had actually just happened. He came over and said everything went well and that I was super tiny and that he'd given me a super cute belly button. lol. He held out the palm of his hand and said "that's how small your waist is....tiny!" I was happy to recognise him this time and even remember what he was wearing. My last surgery, this was all such a blur. I asked him what the time was; it was 6:30pm. I am guessing I was in recovery for around 90 minutes, but I can't be entirely sure.

It was time to be taken to my room on the ward. The hospital wardsman came to wheel me (in my bed) from recovery to the ward. I don't know what floor I was in, nor the floor I was taken to. But when I was in the lift with the nurse and the wardsman, he said to me "You are a Miroshnik patient?" Or something like that....when I said that I was, he said "Yes, I was the one who moved you from the theater bed to this bed. That surgeon is amazing, you look incredible." I thought what a lovely thing to say. Another ESPH staff member who made me feel so good. They truly are lovely; each and every one of them.

The rooms are nice and big and they fit two beds in them. To my surprise I was lucky enough to be in my own room, at least for this first night. The nurses got me settled in and then my mum came in. She had flown to Sydney the afternoon of my surgery and was waiting for the call to come in to the hospital. I was pleased to see her. I felt really great, I didn't seem to have any pain or even discomfort at this stage. I know the anaesthetic was still playing a role in that, but I was so awake and aware and super excited to now be out the other side of this surgery that I have wanted for so, so long. I grabbed my phone and saw that Dr Miroshnik had sent me a pic that he took in surgery (I had previously asked him to so that I could add it here). As soon as I saw it I understood exactly what he meant when he said my waist was so tiny.

I called my husband to let him know I was fine. He was super worried all day. It was nice to hear his voice. Then I called my friend to let her know how everything went too. We had been through our previous surgeries together and I felt like she was the missing link this time. We were super excited together, that this was over and I had actually done it, finally.

After an hour or so, my mum returned to the hotel and it was just me and the nursing staff. The hospital was so quiet. I felt like I was the only patient there. The nurses started the blood pressure taking. I seem to have low pressure after surgery and this time was no different. The nurses were a little concerned and they kept Dr Miroshnik up to date to make sure everything was ok. I was so surprised at how amazing I felt. I had remembered that I had a catheter in too. lol. I had actually forgotten as you can't feel anything and it's not like you get the need of wanting to go to the toilet. It was a little weird getting used to the sensation as I had never had one before. It's like you need to go to the toilet, but you're just not sure, but then you just realise your bladder is emptied. lol. It was definitely a relief though, as there was no way I could see myself getting out of bed, even if I was able to. I pretty much remained in the same position in the bed all night. The nurse called it a jack knife position, but when googling that I found it wasn't really the same. My back was nearly straight, but on an angle and my knees were elevated by a few pillows under them. With the exception of the nurses coming in every hour, I had a great rest. The blood pressure test continued on the hour, every hour all through the night. Within the early hours of the morning, it started to finally get more in to 'normal' levels.

I was excited to see what day two post op may bring. :)

Stay tuned....

H :) xx

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